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We offer any of our scents in loaf form as a custom order. If we don't have your favorite scent in  loaf form, we'll be glad to make it for you. Custom orders may take up to 10 working days.

Please select the 'size loaf' below and send us a message or text with your scent selection






Loaf #2 

Our large loaf has approximately 22-23 bars.

The loaves are not cut into bars but may be cut once to fit in the shipping box

Please call or text to select your favorite scent. (904)403 5250

Soap By The Loaf

  • Loaf #2  22-23 bars     $59.00, 5.4 lbs. before totally cured

    Loaves are not cut into bars but may need to be cut once to fit in 

    the shipping box.

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