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Enjoy our rejuvenating Lemon-Orange Moringa Shampoo Bar with additives that are beneficial to your scalp and hair. We have added horsetail powder which can aid in strengthening hair and skin as well as improving texture and tone. We have also included Neem oil which is an ayurvedic ingredient that helps to promote a healthy scalp.


This shampoo bar with fresh goat's millk and food grade ingredients delivers deep cleansing with a light citrus scent. 

Rectagular bars as well as round are available.

Moringa Shampoo Bar Lemon-Orange

  • Fresh raw goat's milk, saponified oils of apricot, avocado, babassu, castor, grapeseed, coconut, olive, palm kernel, palm, rice bran, & sunflower with organic cocoa butter, shea butter & tallow. An herbal blend including moringa powder, horsetail powder & tulsi powder, finely ground oats, citric acid, panthenol and neem oil, essential oils of lemon and sweet orange.

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