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Discover the  ultimate in gentle cleansing  with Gardeners Scrub from Preferred Organics. Our soap is crafted at our farm with fresh raw goat's milk and  features natural, exfoliants and food-grade oils and butters. It provides a nourishing and gentle cleanse for hardworking hands without stripping natural oils from your skin. 

Gardeners Scrub

  • Fresh raw goat's milk, saponified oils of avocado, babassu, castor, coconut, olive, canola, palm kernel, palm rspo, rice bran, sunflower, cocoa butter, shea butter, tallow with orange powder, poppy & chia seeds, serbian blue clay, stone ground corn meal, ground oats, lemon eo, sweet orange eo, lemon verbena & lemon curd phthylate free fragrance.

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