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This enticing, wake up  fragrance begins with the delicious and inviting scent of fresh brewed coffee! Roasted to decadent perfection, then brewed to rich, dark bliss, this exquisite and robust scent is smoothed and enriched by heavenly hints of tonka bean and irresistible dashes of coconut cream. Delectable base notes of sweet vanilla, syrupy maple and cozy sugar crystals combine to create a wonderfully indulgent aromatic treat, and a mouthwatering delight for the senses!


Our soap is uniquely crafted with all natural ingredients and fresh goat's milk right from our farm making it the perfect blend for even the driest of skin. Goat's milk is not only nourishing but is readily absorbed by your skin. 


Many of our recipes are formulated to suit a variety of skin conditions such as acne prone skin, skin irritated by eczema and excessively dry skin.
We hope to provide bath products that deliver a cleansing experience that is moisturizing, 
full of vitamins and nutrients, skin softening and suitable for a body wash, a facial cleanser and creamy shaving cream.


Our products are:
handcrafted in small batches using the original cold process method


Coffee & Cream

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