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Our Goat story began 30 years ago with a few rescue goats that desperately needed a home. As it goes, once you begin to rescue animals, it seems to snowball into a property full of big, little, old and young not just goats, but donkeys, ponies, chickens and a really large pig.


Somewhere along the way we decided to put those goats to work thanks in part to a great 4-H group for dairy goats.

Making soap was the most obvious choice. We started small, but we soon began to make more varieties of soap with wonderful scents and natural colorants. All of our soap is cold processed, and they are made daily with wonderful nourishing fresh goat's milk. We have worked diligently to formulate recipes with a good selection of natural, food grade and organic oils and butters.  We hope you will find our soap to be  super creamy, bubbly and non-drying.

We have even formulated a great bar of soap

with all natural ingredients for dogs to keep their skin nice and healthy too.

Several of our first 'milkers' are retired now, but they still live with us and cause as much trouble as they always did as youngsters.

Our products/statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The ideas and statements on our website should not be used in place of personal judgement and/or medical advice. Our products are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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