Eco Dog Organics Itch Relief Spray provides quick relief from itching and scratching caused by flea allergies, dermatitis, pollen allergies and other minor skin problems. Our easy to use pump spray contains a therapeutic blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients that will make your dog more comfortable. We never use artificial scents in any pet product since they can trigger allergic reactions. As always, our pet products are people safe.

Itch Relief Spray - Mini 4 oz.

  • Unlike many of the commercial itch relief sprays on the market, our formula does NOT contain a host of chemically derived ingredients. We use many of nature's finest ingredients to bring rapid relief to an itchy skin problem.
    Please note that topical relief sprays only bring temporary relief and that the underlying problem causing the itch should be addressed.

    Witch hazel body base with white willow bark extract and tea tree, aloe vera, neem oil, emu oil, tamanu oil and an essential oil blend of high altitude lavender, german chamomile, myrrh, geranium and certified manuka.