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Farm Fresh - Goat's Milk Skin Care , Natural Home 


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                   3900 Oldfield Trail

Jacksonville, Fla. 32223

     Customer Services: 904 403 5250


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Visit us at the Riverside Arts Market

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For any Questions, Drop us a line:

pcsawyer1@comcast.net or

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 No time to make soap? Or actually, no time to clean up the mess?
                                                 We can help!
Whether you are having a  wedding shower, baby shower or any kind of party or event, we can customize your favorite goat's milk soap to fit any occasion. You can choose the sent as well as the packaging or label for your soap.
On a tight budget? We will be happy to sell you an entire loaf of soap for you to cut and package as you please.

Any scent that we sell at Market is available in loaf size.

Please email us your selection or if you have any questions.

Purchase by the loaf and save!!

Have a sharp knife?

You can easily cut a loaf into any size bar you need.

3 lb. Loaf (uncut)   13-14 bars           $35.00  Phthalate Free Fragrance
Essential Oils                               $37.00
4 lb. loaf (uncut)     18-19 bars
  $47.50 Phthalate Free Fragrance
  $49.50  Essential Oils