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Farm Fresh - Goat's Milk Skin Care , Natural Home 


               & Natural Dog Products



                   3900 Oldfield Trail

Jacksonville, Fla. 32223

     Customer Services: 904 403 5250


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Visit us at the Riverside Arts Market

every Saturday from 10:00 - 3:00


For any Questions, Drop us a line:

pcsawyer1@comcast.net or

text 904 403 5250

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Our Products are Available Online,

   At the Riverside  Arts   Market and at Earth Pets in Mandarin

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We hope you have a few moments to browse our collection of natural and organic products, most of which originate on our Farm and others we have chosen because they are so wonderful, we wanted to share them with you.

Our Farm, Meadow Green Farms, is the home of Preferred Organics and Eco Dog Organics. Our products are handcrafted using our own fresh goat's milk, fresh eggs, seasonal herbs and locally sourced honey.

We maintain a herd of over 30 dairy goats of all breeds including French Alpines, Oberhaslis, Nubians and Nigerian Dwarfs. Each breed brings its own distinctive flavor and consistency to the milk.


Our animals are pasture raised and free range day and night - sometimes on the wrong side of the fence!

Our products are never tested on animals and are free of harmful pesticides and fungicides. Our grass isn't always a

beautiful shade of green and free of weeds, but we know, however, that we have never poisoned the ground nor poisoned our animals with toxic chemicals.


We strive to use Certified Organic ingredients and Food Grade Oils in our products. We always post our ingredients

so that you can compare them with similar products and decide for yourself what you would like to use. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. We get our best ideas from our customers!


                                                                 Great Ingredients Make Great Products!