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Why Use Our Farm Fresh Products?


We handcraft all of our products with organic and/or food grade oils and use the cold process method for our handcrafted goat's milk soap. We never use artificial surfactants nor foaming boosters in our soap, and we always include nearly a full ounce of fresh raw goat's milk in every bar. Our soap contains no water, only fresh milk, and the lather is luxurious, smooth and is very creamy.


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Please Note: Our Farm is  not open to the public at this time, and we never sell any of our animals. They are part of our family.

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Discover The Benefits of Natural Ingredients in Your Skin Care


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Goat's Milk Fascinating Facts
“Amazing!” It's the same PH as your skin
Goat's milk contains alpha hydroxy acids which can help break the bonds between dead skin cells. Thus goat's milk soap is can be a great mild exfoliant.
Goat's milk soap is so gentle that even people with sensitive skin can take advantage of all its benefits without any of the consequences of using regular soap.

Goat's Milk Soap creates a luxurious long lasting lather.

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